Sunday, May 13, 2018

Kerr Lake Private Tournament

   After the Camp & Paddle, I had just over a week to pack and head up to NC for a private tournament/get together with friends. I stayed from May 2-7 and had a blast.

    The boat did great on the drive up. I was worried about the T-top on the freeway so I strapped it down on all 4 corners to relieve some of the stress from the winds. Everything held up and it was as tight as when I left.

    The boat also did great with gas and battery life over the next few days. I fished almost every day as well as on trip up to the Dam on the VA end and the trolling motor was still going strong the day I took the boat out for the trip back. I used about 3/4 of a tank of gas. Most of that was from the trip to the dam and back as most of my fishing is trolling.

    We caught some Bass, Cats, and Brim for bait but no Stripers this year. Actually, on tournament day we skunked! The tournament was a one-day event this year due to people not being able to make it early enough for  Saturday and Sunday fishing.

This year's winners were...

Steve (Rays Army buddy) - Biggest bass

Dan - Biggest Catfish       Sorry, no pic but here is Dan LOL

Storm rolls in on our last day to fish so we headed back to shore....

Steve catching a Cat on his ultralight while trying to catch Brim for bait....

It was great seeing everyone again and  I can not wait until next year to do it again.

Lake Camp & Paddle Spring 2018

     Well, it was that time of the year again. My local kayak group gathered at Bald Ridge Campground for another Camp & Paddle.

    It was a good time. Fishing was slow for me as the wind was a challenge. I picked up Bluebacks in hope to get on some Stripers. Most of those either perished or were let loose.

    Saturday we all gathered and had a cookout. As usual, the food and company were outstanding.

Trolling Bluebacks

Did the campsite up right!

Grilling some hot wings on the WeberQ

Here are some pictures from some of the other members...

Greg (yakdawg) focused on the Crappie bite....

 Louis (solaregg) caught a few....

 Dana (greytdanadane) got a variety!

Mat (myoung) caught and cooked!

Thanks to all for participating and making some great food! I am looking forward to the next one!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Team Maggie Tournament 2018

    Well, it was that time again, the Team Maggie Striper Tournament! (click photos for larger views)

    For more info on Team Maggie click here >>>  Team Maggie For a Cure  (will open in a new browser/tab). To give via your Amazon purchases, scroll down to the end.

    My buddy Steve came in from NC once again to fish. This year he brought his brother Ray. They arrived on Tuesday so we were able to pre-fish Wednesday - Friday.

Ready to start the day!

   Wednesday we put in at Little Hall and fished north up to the mouth of the Chestatee. No luck there. We ran Bluebacks and Shinners out the back on corks and planers with small slip weights and 5-foot fluorocarbon leaders on small hooks. We kept one rod rigged with heavier weight and a larger hook. We did catch a couple small Spots (Bass).

Ray's thumb is bigger than my Bass :(

Um, who took this?

Ray with a long and skinny!

    We used this setup pre-fishing as well as tournament day. On tournament day (Saturday), we did run one planner with an artificial Perch (see video) in addition to the live bait. We only used bluebacks on Saturday, no Shinners.

   Thursday we put in at East Bank and fished the coves, around Lanier Islands and over to Six Mile. Again, no Stripers found. In fact no fish at all. We did stop for lunch at Pig Tails so it was not a total loss.

    Friday (13th) we put in at Little Hall once again to try our luck. We trolled from the boat ramp North and picked up a couple striper and some bass along the way. Overall it was a great day of fishing, just not what we needed to win a tournament. We could only hope to locate a school of Striper tournament day!

     On the ride home Friday, we caught the elusive Barreled Bellied Orange Safety Fish! Someone had knocked it down and it rolled out of nowhere. We plowed over it and it lodged up under the truck! My trusty Ram has 4 corner air so I had to raise that to full height to get it out!

Steve with the trophy!

     We had intended to put in at East Bank or Charleston tournament day but the weather called for wind and we did not want to have to make that trip to Little Hall via boat for check-in. There was also a good possibility of evening storms. We decided to go back to Little Hall and launch.

     We picked up bait the evening before so we headed straight to the ramp. After getting the boat ready and snapping a couple bad pics holding our Team Maggie sign, we were able to be in the water just after 6AM. They sent out the identifier around 6:40AM and we were off.

Can tell we are still half asleep!

    We ran the same path as the previous day without any luck. From there we ran the channel for a while as well as a few other places that looked like they may hold fish. Other than a couple take-downs we came up empty-handed. :(

We did manage to get a parking spot. It is hard to see my camo boat with all the nice fiberglass boats!

Can ya find mine?

As always it was a fun time for a good cause and we can not wait to do it again next year!

Here are the results... Some sponsors ... & Pics!



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